Monday, April 12, 2010

The biggest loser...!!! I love you!

OMG!! Soo also while I was in Denver... I fell head over heals in love with the biggest loser! I had never ever watched this show before until then and it is amazing! This show to me is sooo inspirational...The people on are unbelievable!! I seriously cry numerous times every episode I have seen sooo far!! The bond and relationship that they have built with each other is sooo sweet...I love mostly all of them on the show!! However I do have my few favorites!!My number one is..................................
To me Sunshine is the sweetest little thing ever..she seems soo genuine!! I wish I could meet her and give her a hug in real life and tell her proud I am!! She is ammazing!! Her name suits her perfect she lights up everything!!

A close second behing my fave Sunshine is.......

I love Daris!! He is sooo sweet you just wanna squeeze him!! He had never been on a date with a girl when he was heavier..which breaks my heart..considering he seems like the kindest and nicest person!! I wish I could have found a more recnt of Daris to show his amazing progress! He looks fantastic and he has even been on a date...THANK GOD..he deserves him!!

I am also sooo happy that Melissa got eliminated..she is such a little snake! The house is a little love nest and definitely doesnt need her around to ruin their bonds!! for me...I am fan for life! You are all inspirational!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

sooo sorry about the delay!! has been quite some time since I have put up a new post!! I am definitely going to try to be better..things have just been so busy lately..good busy though! First of all....I went to Denver which was amazing!! We left Thursday from Greensboro, Nc after about an hour and a half drive from home...we got on the plane at like 6:30am..and it was the first plane I had been on in years..dont ask me how or why I havent been on a plane in that long bc I have been on numerous vacations every summer..but anywho I was really nervous! We arrived in Denver and I took the longest and best nap ever ...sooo tired plus there is a 2 hour time difference there!! My friend Laura who is one of my best friends got home and crazy times started from there...we immediately got ready and went to happy hour..a ridiculous happy hour..I have never in all my drinking life..haha..seen such cheap prices..basically top rail drinks for 2 dollars..I felt like I was stealing because it was sooo cheap! We all out went out that night..went to a bar with buy 1 get 1 drinks so needless to say it got crazy!! Friday..we went shopping which was absolutely amazing because the shopping there is insanely GREAT! We did make a quick little pit stop at the local chic fila! and it was insane..the parking lot was being directed on which way to go and where to park since it was soo crowded..made me and my roommate Meagan laugh sooo hard!! Shopped around...alot..but didnt buy much for some reason..didnt see know you never really see that much when you have plenty of money to spend! Went out again that night and got CRRAAZZYY! Had soo much fun!! Saturday we did a little more shopping and went to the Black Eye Peas concert which was ammmmmmaaazing!! It  was sooo good and LMFAO and Ludacris were also there and weresooooo great!!! It was Fergis birthday and everyone sang happy birthday to her and you could see her tearing up on stage..!!! AWWWWW!!! After that we were exhausted and took an insanely crazy cab drive home...haha! Sunday we went to the amazing Cheesecake Factory and went tubing... the view was amazing and it was soo much tubing!! Monday morning....way tooo early..we was soo much fun and I cannot wait until I go back this summer! P.s.....didnt mean for this story to go on for a I hope you are still with me!!

me and lovely Laura!!

(Meagan is my roommate and one of my bff's and Chris is one of Lauras friends in Denver!)

Getting a little crazy like normal!!

Me and Laura before BEP in a new shirt! YAY!

The lovely FERRRGIE!!

Amazing view!!

Looking ridic in helmets tubing!!

I am in llloooooovvvvee with Denver!!


Saturday, March 20, 2010


This time next week I will be in Denver, Colorado with two of my best friends!! I am sooo excited I cannot wait!! I am however a little nervous for the plane ride!! Too bad my plane leaves at 830 in the morning so Im not sure if the airplane bars will be open..haha...ya know just to calm the nerves a might not be that bad but I havent been on a plane in years! Sooo excited but only thing that I will miss here for a few days is the beautiful weather!! Happy First Day of SPRING!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

wow..I needed that....

Soo... I work with alot of different kinda people at my job..surrounded by people that are completely like me and people that are completely opposite of me...people that have the same lifestlye as myself and people that dont....nobody is exactly alike and thats what makes everyone so great...well yesterday at work on my break..I ended being in the break room as the same time as this new guy..well lets just call him..."John"..and I like to try to make anyone feel welcome and engage into a conversation and plus who wants to have an awkward quiet lunch...but anywho..he ended up telling me that he not only worked at the place I work at but he also works another full time job during the morning..he said total he works about almost 100 hours a week..and on top of that he is a single father of 2 children...I couldnt get over it..I mean I usually barely work 45 hours and act like I am going to die...and this sweet little man works more than double what I work..I asked him why he worked so much  and he simply said with no hesitation or grumble or complaint..said that he had to do what he had to do and sweetly basically took all I had not to cry and give him the biggest didnt bother him that he worked all the time and when he wasnt working it was just all about being with his children..first of all..what a great man..seriously!! Yesterdays conversation also made me realize...ALOT.. made me realize..that no I dont need that 50th coach purse or that new Marc Jacobs watch that I want ..made me realize even more than I know..that money means basically nothing..after this mans story it just made my eyes open up even more ...he works all the time bc he has to for him and his family..I work and complain about working sometimes...just to go spend it on something I dont need..I mean its my money that I do work for but wow..just makes me think..maybe next time I go shopping or feel like being impulsive..I should just step back and think...haha not saying that I wont buy something if I want it every now and then..but be a little less materialistic!! So thank you "John" for unknowingly knocking me back down to helped without even knowing to or meaning it........

sooooo busy....

It seems like my friends and myself have all just been soo busy lately..whether its all three combined..we havent been able to hang out as much lately..I really miss those times when all you had to worry about was what you were going to wear..or where you were let me see whats going on saturday and I'll call you back...even though me and all my  friends are still soooo sooo close it just stinks we cant be together and hang out and be as crazy as we want to I just wanted to post a few pics that made me think of certain nights out or just great memories and fun..I hope you enjoy some of my pictures!!! :) ;)

these are just a few of the bazzzzillion pictures I have..I am in love with my friends...cant wait  to have some more crazy amazing times coming our way sooo soon!! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Denver in 11 days..ahhh!!!

In 11 days I am going to Denver, Colorado to visit one of my best friends..Laura!! Me and one my other best friends are flying there together to see her...and I dont think I have been more excited to go anywhere!!! We are going to see the Black Eyed Peas...  go skiing... drink and be crazy..and of course my favorite..SHOPPING!!! I am hoping to find a new coach purse... a Michael Kors watch...and few other fabulous things!!! I am so excited!!

me n shot when laura came to visit!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

the oooo lalala academy awards...

So..I was watching the academy awards this evening..well I dvr'd them and fast forwarded through the boring parts of course!! There were soo many beautiful dresses and such great makeup and hair I am in love!! I would die to have professional makeup and hair done for me!! Amazing!! But one of my favorites is........Gabourey Sidibe!!!  She is sooo sweet humble and happy looking!! I just want to hug and squeeze her all day long!!! She just radiates happieness to me!!! As from Oprah tonight...Gabourey was just trying out for the role for extra money as a college student and ended up in the same category as Meryl Streep!!! Wow what an honor!!! That seriously just amazes me!!!
I found this picutre from E! online..I think she is just adorable..I mean yes maybe she is overweight but she looks comfortable and confident in her own skin and everyone should be like this!! However...when I was looking for this picture people had blogged and tweeted so many nasty things about the way she looks!! It sickens me that people have such ugly nasty things to say... I mean who gives anyone the voice and right to judge and awfully critique someone so harshly?!?! For example.... " Stylish? Only if you can consider tents stylish! And like she had anything to do with picking out the, gown anyway. My god, look at those hamhocks. Sleeves would've been appropriate here, I think whoever picked her dress was having a good laugh at the expense of everybody's eyes. " but thank god for people like this " I hope you evil people become obese, so you would know how they feel. She is very confident for being her size, she is not letting no haters bring her down,and she looks good, you don't even know why she is over weight.I guess for you people being anorexic and a size 0 is healthy. When girls see that she is confident in her weight they will be too. "

So im sorry this is still a happy blog but that broke my little heart on how mean people can be..its so sad!!! But I think she is soo stinkin cute!!!! :)

Another beauty is Sandra Bullock...omg STUNNING!!!! I have read in magazines how she is the sweetest and nicest pereson ever and I definitely believe that she is!!! Her speech was great..and she is soooo sweet towards her husband!! I love it!! She definitely deserved the amazing award that she received!!! I loveeeed the Blindside!!!!


:) xoxo Kristal